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Sun, Nov 19, 2017

HIGH FIVE® is the only comprehensive quality training standard available in Canada.  HIGH FIVE® is based on five Principles which emphasize the social, emotional and cognitive needs of children to help front line leaders engage participants, build relationships and resolve conflict. These Principles: A Caring Adult, Friends, Play, Mastery and Participation, all play a crucial part in providing children with quality recreation experiences.

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  •  HIGH FIVE® Principles of Healthy Childhood Development (PHCD)
    • Full Day Workshop
    • Must be 16+ years
    • This workshop equips front-line leaders with the skill sand knowledge necessary to improve the quality of their programs. Leaders learn the importance of the five HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Childhood Development and how to apply these in a program setting. The workshop also includes training in conflict resolution, reducing incidences of bullying and planning activities and program to encourage the HIGH FIVE Principles.
    • Full Day Workshop
    • Must be 16+ years and have taken PHCD
    • This workshop will help supervisors improve the quality of their children's programs by learning how to measure it, with the HIGH FIVE Quality Experience Scanning Tools. The workshop provides practical training on the use of the QUEST Evaluation Tool to evaluate current children's recreation programs in line with the HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Childhood Development. The workshop emphasizes the crucial role that supervisors have in setting the standard for healthy childhood development in a program.
  • HIGH FIVE® Sport
    • Half Day Workshop
    • Must be 16+ years
    • This workshop is aligned with the two stages identified in the Canadian Sport for Life model: FUNdamentals and learn to Train. This workshop identifies the key elements associated with the enjoyment, participation and development of children in sports programs. Participants will learn to implement these fundamentals to ensure success within their programs.

Visit the High Five® website for more information. 

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