Building healthy active and creative lifestyles
through sport, culture and recreation.

Who We Are

To facilitate capacity building in our communities to sustain a sport, culture, and recreation delivery system that enhances the quality of life of the people within our District.

Citizens live active, creative, healthy lifestyles through engagement in sport, culture and recreation.


  • Effective partnerships and collaborations that are mutually beneficial
  • Meaningful youth and community engagement
  • Understanding of and respect for our communities
  • Sharing innovation and best practices
  • Nurturing organic, sustainable community and district development
  • Effective communication
  • Volunteerism that is inclusive, provides meaningful opportunities, and encourages involvement
  • Diversity of experience, abilities, opinions, and traditions
  • Accountability and transparency to our stakeholders

Our Mandate
The District will be a leader in facilitating Community Development through sport, culture and recreation for and with the communities within our jurisdiction.

Board of Directors

Chelsea Corrigan - Nipawin (Chairperson)
Miranda Blaber - Carrot River
Cheryl Bauer Hyde - Christopher Lake
Lester Ledoux - Mistawasis First Nation
Carla Hipkins - Porcupine Plain
Shannon Hurl - Prince Albert
Tammy Burns - Prince Albert 
Erin Standish - Wakaw

Upcoming events

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