Building healthy active and creative lifestyles
through sport, culture and recreation.

Creative Kids is a charitable program that funds Saskatchewan children who want to take music and dance lessons, learn to paint or act, speak a family language, explore different cultures, find out about their heritage, study dinosaur bones or join a number of other creative pursuits in their community. We fund arts, heritage, multicultural and Aboriginal activities for families facing financial barriers. Up to $750 per child, per year is available for children aged 4 - 19.

Most families approved for funding have gross annual incomes of less than $40,000, although families with higher incomes have been supported depending on individual circumstances. Applications are assessed individually primarily on a family's financial need. Youth living independently may also apply.

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For information on How to apply follow the link.

2018 application deadlines:

    January 26                     For activities beginning in February, including February break
    March 2                          For activities beginning in April, including April break
    June 8                            For summer activities or early registration for fall activities
    August 17                       For activities that begin in September and follow the school year
    December 7                   For activities beginning in January 2019

For information on Registered Service Providers within Lakeland District please visit Lakeland District Creative Kids Service Providers

Lakeland District Creative Kids is always looking for local fundraising options, sponsorships or donations.  The more your community helps out, the more children can participate in local creative or artistic activities.

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For additional information contact:

Crystal Clarke

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