Building healthy active and creative lifestyles
through sport, culture and recreation.

The Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Program is a  partnership among Sask Sport Inc., SaskCulture Inc. and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Inc.and assists in the development of  sport, culture and recreation programs by providing funds to non-profit  community organizations operated by volunteers.

The goal of this program is to get people involved in sport, culture and  recreation activities by enabling communities to address the needs of  local residents. If the community grant is more than $2,000, a portion  of the total grant must be used for programs aimed at increasing  participation for under-represented populations such as indigenous  people, seniors, women, the economically disadvantaged, persons with a  disability, and single-parent families. The under-represented  requirement can be met by including these populations in regular  programs and/or by creating special programs to meet their needs.

Organizations that are eligible to receive funding include: municipal governments  (city, town, village, organized hamlet or rural municipality), Indian  band councils or northern settlements. These authorities distribute  funds to local non-profit, volunteer, community groups to provide  programs.

Community Grants are determined by population with the minimum grant being $250 for southern communities and $500 for northern communities. Inter-community co-operation is extremely important in the development of effective programs. Funds can be allocated to another  jurisdiction to enhance access to high-quality programs as long as no  outstanding grant follow-ups exist.
Applications from  communities must be postmarked on or before February 28. Applications  received after the deadline will not be considered.

For applications, please contact your local municipal government or band office.

For more information contact your Lakeland District Community Development Coordinator.


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